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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement

Advanced placement tests are taken by students prior to entering The College of New Jersey.   Test scores should be sent directly from CollegeBoard  to TCNJ.   We apologize, but we cannot accept hand delivered test scores.

Please review the current AP Legend  for information about what scores are needed to receive credit or waiver at TCNJ. Also, please be aware that AP courses are equated based on the year you matriculate into the college.

Current AP Legend


Archived AP Legends

2021-2022 AP Legend

2020-2021 AP Legend

2019-2020 AP Legend (Update)

2019-2020 AP Legend

2018-2019 AP Legend

2017-2018 AP Legend

2016-2017 AP Legend

2015-2016 AP Legend

2014-2015 AP Legend