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Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

Graduation FAQ

Q: How do I apply for graduation?

A: Graduation applications are available in PAWS under Advising Tools.

Q: Is there a fee to apply for graduation?

A: There is a $100 graduation fee to apply by the designated deadline. A $35

fee will be charged after the deadline. The fee will be applied to your TCNJ

bill. This is a one -time fee.

Q: What are the graduation deadlines?

A: The deadlines for May, August and December graduations are early-February
The deadline for January graduation is early-September

Please visit the Academic Calendar for Accurate dates:

Academic calendar

Q: When is the graduation ceremony?

A: TCNJ has one ceremony a year in May.

Q: What is the policy regarding participation in the graduation

A: TCNJ allows undergraduate and graduate students who need three course

units or fewer to complete their degree requirements to participate at the

graduation ceremonies in May provided their program of studies can be

completed by the December graduation date.

Q: If I am taking a Maymester course would I apply for May or August

A: Maymester is part of our summer session, therefore you would apply for

August graduation.

Q: What is the process after I apply for graduation?

A: An audit of your academic record will be performed by your evaluator in

The Office of Records and Registration. You will be notified via email of

your graduation status.

Q: What steps would I take to rectify any impediments that may have
been noted during my audit?

A: You should begin with running your Academic Requirements Report in

PAWS. Next you should contact your academic advisor to review the

impediment with them. Lastly, you should contact the academic

evaluator that sent you the email notification to discuss rectifying the


Q: If I am taking a course at another institution how do I get the course
transferred to TCNJ?

A: You should contact that institution to request that an official transcript

be sent to TCNJ via US mail or NJTRANSFER. We do not accept hand

delivered transcripts.

Q: What happens if I do not complete my degree by the graduation date?

A: You should re-apply for graduation in PAWS for the date that you

anticipate completing your degree. You will NOT be charged the

graduation fee again.

Q: After my degree is posted, when can I expect to receive my diploma?

A: Diplomas will be mailed to the address listed in PAWS approximately

6-8 weeks after the graduation date.