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Advising Tools: How To


Q: How do I get to this wonderful feature?

A: For students the Advising Tools page is visible through a link on your Student Center.

Click on Advising Tools located under “Academics”

A: For Advisors, Advising Tools is best accessed by navigating to Advisor Center, looking up a student using your advisee list or by clicking the green “View Data for Other Students” button.

Advising Tools for Faculty

Then click on the Advising Tools tab for that student.

A: For Administrators & Staff, they can access Advising Tools by clicking on Student Services Ctr (Student), looking up a student, and then clicking on the Advising Tools tab.

Click on Advising Tools from Student Services Center Student


Q: Now that I’ve found it what does Advising Tools offer?

A: You can access all of the available advising reports from one page, access your transcript, view transfer credits, course history, review current school and major information, and apply for graduation. You can also view the advisor, get evaluator contact information, as well as add and/or view comments.

Advising Tools Picture

Comments can be viewed by students and added by faculty and staff.


We’ve made some changes to our graduation application. Apply, view comments, reapply whenever you would like, change your graduation term at will, and don’t forget to run your academic requirements report!

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