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Writing Exemption and Placement Exam

Writing Exemption and Placement Exam

The College has developed a curriculum in which all TCNJ students are required to take at least three writing-intensive courses during their tenure at The College.

These include:

  • First Year Seminar (FYS) taken in the first year;
  • A mid-level writing-intensive course in either the sophomore or junior year;
  • And a senior-level writing-intensive capstone course in the major in the senior year.

Note that some transfer students are exempted from the First Seminar. (More information here).

In addition, entering students may also be required to take FYW 102: Academic Writing to help better prepare them for the demands of their writing-intensive requirements. (More information here).

Current students: When you are registering for the course, please note that FYW 102 replaces WRI 102 as the prefix for the course as of Fall 2021.

Academic Writing/FYW 102 is TCNJ’s required writing instruction course.  This four-credit course focuses on academic argumentation and is designed to prepare students to successfully meet the demands of the college’s writing-intensive curriculum. The score on the Writing Placement test will determine placement in FYW 102. Because The College of New Jersey is test-optional for 2021, 2022, and 2023, the Writing Program will use the Writing Placement test alone to determine placement.

For additional details on the Writing Program, please visit the Writing Program website or search for “FYW 102 Placement” from the TCNJ homepage. Please contact the Writing Program with any questions or concerns. The best method for reaching us is through email at or or 609-771-2864.