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Language Placement Testing

Language Placement Testing

Testing for many students is optional but under certain situations you my be required to take a placement exam.


Who needs to take a a placement exam? 

Freshmen: Who want to continue a language that they started in high school must take a placement test unless they use a score of 650 or higher in the language on the College Board Subject Test or receive a 4 or higher on the AP language test. Students who took the AP exam are encouraged to wait till that result has been received before taking the TCNJ placement test.

Transfer Students: If a student has  completed one or two semesters of a language at another institution and wish to continue with that language at TCNJ they must take a placement exam.

If a student has completed 4 years or more of a language in high school:

If a student has completed 4 years or more of a language in high school they cannot receive credit for a first semester language course at TCNJ (101 or 151 level), with the exception of Latin. These students must complete the placement exam and, even if the exam places the student into the first semester level they cannot receive credit for the course.

Offered Exams

Internet based exams are available in French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish. Please contact the Modern Languages Department for information on taking these exams.

Students who have been assessed on the Sign Language Communication Instrument (SLCI) do not need to take the ASL placement Test or ASL classes if a proficiency of Intermediate or higher was earned.  Scores must be presented to the Department of Special Education, Language and Literacy an official copy of the score.

Students who wish to take exams in other languages should contact the modern languages department at 609-771-2235.